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9 Paar Patches Ziegenvelours gemischt B/C-Qualität

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Sie erhalten 9 Paar Patches Ziegenvelour in B/C-Qualität. Größe ca. 18,5x 10,5. Die Patches weisen kleinere Fehlerstellen (z.B.: Falten, Farbunterschiede) sowie starke, natürliche Hautmerkmale (z.B.: Adern, Narben) auf. 

* All prices apply per piece, for a skin in the selected size or for a running meter (synthetic leather), unless otherwise stated.
Please read the informations about hide sizes for further details. Despite our careful examiation the here shown colours may slightly differ from the actual colours. Leather is a natural product. Slight differences from skin to skin are only a proof of that. After all, different screen settings can lead to a different color rendering.

If you have questions about individual items or the suitability and texture of the leather, call us or send us an e-mail . We will gladly send you samples. Up to three samples are free of charge.
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